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What kind of shoes should I wear?

The best shoes are made specifically for dancing with either suede or leather soles or, if you like, dance tennis shoes. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from. If you intend to dance regularly, we strongly encourage you to buy a good pair of dance shoes–your feet will thank you.

Next to suede-soled shoes, any shoe with a regular smooth-leather sole is usable. Leather-soled shoes are also an excellent temporary substitution until you can purchase a pair of dance shoes.

Worst of all are rubber-soled shoes. Sneakers, canvas deck-shoes, tennis shoes or anything with a rubber sole should be avoided. Rubber-soled shoes grip the dance floor far too much for comfortable dancing.

The Heartbreaker
Style No: 1002

The Vixen
Style No: 1101

The Elegant
Style No: 1301

The Temptress
Style No: 1401

The Rebel
Style No: 1502

The Brilliant
Style No: 1601

The Cutie
Style No: 1702

The Dreamer
Style No: 1801

The Fashionista
Style No: 1902

The Sweetie
Style No: 2003

The Gorgeous
Style No: 2101

The Diva
Style No: 2202

If interested in any of the above shoes, please visit the studio or call 732-473-9600 for fitting and purchase.