Wedding Program

Wedding Program Packages

With three different wedding packages available, we work around your schedule and within your budget to provide enough lessons to create your memorable first dance as a married couple.  We recommend allowing 2-3 months for your lessons, but if it is only a few weeks before your wedding and you are just now thinking about dance lessons, don’t worry! We can still help.  With just a few private lessons, we can help you and your fiancé feel more confident on the dance floor.

Our wedding packages begin with a FREE dance evaluation.  This is a private lesson with one of our experienced instructors to discuss the song you have chosen and offer ideas that best suit your music choice. If you have not chosen a song or are having trouble deciding, we can suggest several choices from our wide selection of music.  From there, we will suggest a wedding package that will help you accomplish your routine.

Wedding Package ASimple & Elegant

  • Appropriate entrance for the Wedding Couple into the ballroom
  • Wedding Song Analysis – we will help you determine the dance, patterns and choreography which are suitable for your choice of song
  • Choreography for your first dance as husband and wife
  • 5 Private Dance Lessons which are 45 minutes in length.  The couple will be concentrating on perfecting your special dance, as well as, learning to have fun with your dancing!
  • Music editing, if necessary


Wedding Package B – Striking & Spectacular

  • Appropriate entrance into the ballroom
  • Wedding Song Analysis
  • Customized choreography that is more advanced and detailed than offered in Package A and a routine that will dazzle your friends and family.  We put an emphasis on arm styling for the lady, leading skills and confidence for the man.
  • 10 Private Dance Lessons which are 45 minutes in length.
  • Choice of exciting patterns that are real showstoppers.  Some choices might be lifts, drops and dips.  This is your day to shine!

Wedding Package C – The Ultimate Performance

  • Appropriate entrance into the ballroom
  • Wedding Song Analysis
  • 20 Private Dance Lessons which are 45 minutes in length
  • Learn an exciting dance routine comparable to the pro’s you’ve watched on “Dancing with the Stars”!  Your family and friends will be amazed!  With 20 lessons, you can also learn a few extra dances to perform throughout your wedding reception.
  • Get ready for the honeymoon! We’ll show you some easy and fun variations that you can use when you dance on your honeymoon or for the rest of your lives. Why not dance at your own wedding and every other affair you attend as a married couple? Dancing is a gift of a lifetime!
  • One month of unlimited group lessons to be used before or after your wedding.

Brides and bridal parties, please bring shoes similar to the ones you intend to wear at the wedding.